Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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PM Najib of Malaysia and PM Lee of Singapore met to discuss common issues related to both countries especially in terms of economy, trade and finance.  Being a true Johorean (born in Kg Wadi Hassan, JB in 1960), I would like to offer a sincere thought about the Singapore-Malaysia forever "strained" relationship, though politicians seems to pretend that "we are friends", the fact remains that, in their hearts, "we are foes". The issue of water is an age old argument that never favors Johor.  If a stupid sultan before, had promised water to Singapore as long as there are "sun and moon", why can't smarter politicians interpret this kind-hearted gesture more logically and rationally now.  Why do Johor have to buy back treated water at a much higher price until now?? Do we really want the sun and moon to vanish?? 

The fact that Singaporean are owning and by doing so, inflating property prices in JB, raising prices of goods and services, crowding our attractions like genting highlands, cameron highlands, islands, beaches etc. etc.. are the many advantages Singaporean has by being a neighbor to Malaysia.  But, what did we get in return?  Every morning. as early as 4:30am, piles of motorcycles will start to cross over the causeway to work in all sorts of sectors in Singapore.  With strict immigration rules, these workers has to bear the passport clearance every morning and evening when they return from work.  In the past, many Johorean works in the factory in Singapore, but now Not only Johoreans, but talented people from Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan and Kedah are also donating their minds, creativity and sweat to all sorts of economic sectors in Singapore. Singapore would not provide houses for these workers.. what did the Johor government did?  Did the planners of IRDA Malaysia plan houses for this workers?  Certainly not! they have to opt for poor quality cheap rental units around JB or squat at a friends and relatives house, while the exorbitant house prices are benefitting more and more speculative buyers, locals and Singaporeans.

So as a JBrian, am I happy with the development in the southern part of peninsular Malaysia? To be honest, if I have the will, I will just blast off the causeway plus everything alongside it.. the water rings and the railway.  Baru padan muka Singapore!! tak payah makan sayur cameron highlands lagi.. pi kutip kepah, kupang, siput.. tu jelah yang korang makan!! Nak sayur, tanam sendiri.. haha!!

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